I started learning Spanish with Kasia from the very basics, being in my 30s. My goal was to master the language enough to communicate freely when travelling in Spanish-speaking countries. Thanks to her creative approach and non-standard teaching methods, including an emotion map and storytelling, I achieved this goal after only about 80 hours of learning. I also appreciate working with Kasia for her personal approach in choosing the topics of the classes and her commitment to constantly improving and learning new tools, which she later uses in her lessons. I recommend her wholeheartedly.


Learning a language has never been such fun!

I signed up for Kasia's classes 1.5 years ago to maintain my language skills and boost my speaking confidence. What I didn't expect was that in addition to my goal, I would also make a wonderful friend! Classes with Kasia are a pleasure - always perfectly prepared, she is infectious with positive energy and enthusiasm for Spanish. A huge plus is that classes are tailored and personalised to the individual. The topics covered and even the pace at which we move through the topics - everything is tailored to make it fun, enjoyable and inspiring for the student! Professionalism, individual approach and creativity - this is how Kasia's work and approach to her students can be described.


I'm the kind of person who always feels blocked from speaking a foreign language, and as a result the school system didn't bring me much progress. Learning with Kasia is completely different, it's not the standard vocabulary cramming, this language is really enjoyable to learn and above all I feel I'm not afraid to speak! 🙂 


I recommend classes with Kasia! What I appreciate most about learning with her is the INDIVIDUAL APPROACH. Kasia catches what causes me difficulties on the fly and deals with those difficulties quickly. Our classes seem to be no longer just lessons, but also weekly meetings over tea and conversations with a good friend, the difference being that it is in Spanish 🙂 .


I have been learning Spanish with Kasia for about 2 months now and I enjoy the classes very much. Kasia is very knowledgeable and tells interesting tidbits of language. Her example shows that with enough effort you can learn to speak and work fluently in Spanish, which motivates me. Highly recommended! 🙂


From week to week I look forward to Kasia's classes, they fill me with lots of energy, joy and motivation! I don't feel a language barrier at all in the lessons 🙂 The only thing I miss in the the time! Ideally, the lesson would last 2x longer, because the time passes so well. And the most important thing is that I can really feel the progression and the motivation only grows 🙂 .


Commitment and openness to the needs of the student are two qualities that make Kasia a great Spanish teacher. The features of our classes that I really appreciate are: language is a tool that serves us. We don't have to wait for a lesson entitled. ‘sports activities’ to say that we play volleyball after work. From the beginning, we use vocabulary that is useful on a daily basis. Atmosphere - is relaxed and friendly. We don't come to class to hammer out grammar or subject vocabulary. Rather, we play with the language and use it.This is very important, especially if one does not have the opportunity to interact with Spanish on a daily basis.


The Spanish classes are sensational! The approach to teaching makes learning a pleasure. There is an incredibly pleasant atmosphere in the classes which encourages active participation. Teaching methods are innovative and require full commitment. The use of a variety of interactive exercises, interesting materials and 'real life' topics, makes the lessons dynamic and interesting. I am glad that there is no room for boredom! Kasia knows how to get us interested in Spanish in a way that makes us want to learn more and more. She explains all the issues clearly and patiently, and her individual approach to the students allows them the freedom to use the language. ¡Merece la pena!


I highly recommend the classes with Kasia! There is no question of boredom, the classes are very attractive, without pressure and stress, but also substantive - also the best combination. Personally, I like her method of working very much, I learned a lot more than typically from textbooks - especially when it comes to breaking the speaking barrier.